Creating an economic value out of the product that is conventionally regarded as "waste"

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W2V: a decentralized marketplace for turning recyclables item into a real asset.

W2V token-based Incentive Mechanism

Increased Revenue

Psychological Shift

Environmental Improvement


W2V Ecosystem


DO simple things and earn tokens while helping the ENVIRONMENT be CLEAN


as a result of your actions


They Believe in Us

We are proud that the community believes in our idea!

Reducing Waste: Introducing Garbage Collection to Blockchain Technology

MAY 8, 2018

W2V (ex. Recereum) is using the blockchain to tackle another challenge related to recycling: Waste sorting, or the process of sorting recyclable materials from other types of waste.

The project is building a platform that will enable municipalities and other organizations to reward proper waste sorting. Eventually, the project hopes to go further by releasing devices like vending machines where consumers can turn in specialty recyclables, such as batteries.

TOP 10 RecycingStartups

Recereum is blockchain-based platform for converting waste and recyclables into real value — Recereum coins. Recereum Ecosystem connects people with companies and municipal services, and makes it possible to encourage citizens to exercise care with waste utilization.

The Disruptive Technology Startup Report

We create masses of waste on a daily basis, and for many, sorting through tonnes of rubbish is a difficult and unappealing task. But one startup aims to change the way that you view waste sorting – by adding a financial incentive. Recereum is a motivational ecosystem platform based on blockchain technology. Households that use waste sorting can make money by recycling bottles, batteries and unwanted electronic equipment.

The U.S. recycles of its waste, making it 7th in the world for recycling
Tons of plastic are consumed worldwide each year
of all beverage containers in the United States never get recycled
Recycled plastic bottle saves enough energy to power a light bulb for six hours


disposable water bottles are recycled
recycling plastic takes less energy than making it from raw materials
of plastic are consumed worldwide each year
plastic bottles are thrown away every hour in America

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Nov 2019

Development MAP Phase

Oct 2019

Market research

Oct 2019

10 Aug 2019

Gathering team core

2018 - 08 Feb 2019

Research phase, creating a holistic model

2018 - 08 Feb 2019

15 Dec 2017

First iteration of our solution (Recereum)

Meet Our Team Core

Valentine Zimnitsky
A visionary, strategic thinker, cryptocurrency/blockchain/environmental protection enthusiast, with over 20 years of international business and consulting experience working for several S&P 500 Top 50 Companies globally
Natali Ivaschenko
Natali IvaschenkoSoftware
Experienced software engineer; extensive expertise with JavaScript, Vue, Vuex, Nuxt, Typescript, Cordova and Drupal
Klym Shabalin
Experience in development of web applications & APIs, 10 years as leading developer & 6 years - as webstudio owner. Marketing & research for startups. Founder of social projects
Konstantin Borisov
Konstantin BorisovDrone
Experienced drone’s R&D engineer has acquired his consulting capabilities assisting various startup operations as well as established businesses in Ukraine with various aspects of drones’ applications
Grigoryi Sheeda
Extensive experience as Blockchain & Smart Contracts developer, independent contractor; 10 years of work experience as a leading engineer in energy industry; experienced social media marketing manager and content creator

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