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Waste 2 Value or how a cocky project almost changes the world of plastic waste

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Sorting of waste has become a huge problem starting from 90s of the last century. But the 21st century did not bring any alleviation to this situation… far from it… Starting from 2004 there had been a stip increase of the plastic made products which in turn created even more plastic waste as a result of this development. Of course, at the advent of 2017 things became only worse (adoption by China “Operation National Sword” - ban on waste and four different recyclable products including cotton, wastepaper, and recyclable plastic).The result of this was both instantaneous and devastating to the entire recycling industry world-wide. Almost overnight the recycling industry had been brought to a crippling halt.

Waste to value. Travel to Ukraine

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I have visited Ukraine at least once a year over the period of last three years. I must say that a lot of changes have occured since my last visit to Ukraine. Sufficient to say that Ukraine changed the government including the President of Ukraine. New Ukrainian government that came to power in 2019 brought into life a spirit of changes and reforms. While it would be very difficult to mention all spheres of Ukrainian society that has been reformed, I would like to mention only specific changes related to my specific interests. Since my visit had to do a lot with the sphere of environmental protection and ways to decrease the plastic pollution, I had a chance to visit several places in central Ukraine and had an opportunity to experience first-hand major development in this industry.

US/Canada Waste Market Review

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This is to proof that there are several companies that are participating in plastic circling/recycling avoiding the “traditional approach” via using the waste management/landfills etc. 

Chinese Sword

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Do you know that every day you as a citizen of the United States or Canada are living in great danger? What danger, you might ask? Don’t we have so many dangers in our lives already? Is this somehow a new danger on top of pollution, hurricanes, and wildfires in California?

Well, it would be very difficult to provide you with the straight and simple answer to this question. Here is why. The danger that I am about to reveal to you has existed probably since the 60’s— but didn’t really start manifesting itself until the late 80’s, and has been since exacerbating the issue, year after year… well, not only that, but over the span of 10-15 years, it has acquired the speed of geometrical progression. Don’t mind me with this math term. If you want, I could put it very bluntly and say that things have gotten really out of hand or—more precisely— we’re f**ked. I think at this point it is time to stop the suspense and cut to the chase and reveal the subject of this article. I am talking about recycling and the recycling industry.