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Waste 2 Value or how a cocky project almost changes the world of plastic waste

Waste 2 Value or how a cocky project almost changes the world of plastic waste

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Sorting of waste has become a huge problem starting from 90s of the last century. But the 21st century did not bring any alleviation to this situation… far from it… Starting from 2004 there had been a stip increase of the plastic made products which in turn created even more plastic waste as a result of this development. Of course, at the advent of 2017 things became only worse (adoption by China “Operation National Sword” - ban on waste and four different recyclable products including cotton, wastepaper, and recyclable plastic).The result of this was both instantaneous and devastating to the entire recycling industry world-wide. Almost overnight the recycling industry had been brought to a crippling halt.

While there are significant efforts have been made to tackle the waste problem, all proposed solutions are dealing with the consequences of the oversaturation of various recyclable materials (including plastic) have been missing to address the root of the problem - change of the consumer’s behavior towards recyclable materials. The real question has been - is it possible to create a mechanism that will produce a drastic shift in people’s behavior? What could become that incentive that will help solve the dilemma of motivation all constituents involved in the initial waste sorting process. This process involves a lot of parties - starting from the consumers and ending with the waste management companies and make this process more efficient yet simpler. If people are not doing their part of recycling diligently and correctly sorting out their recyclables, those are intermingled with organic waste and end up in the landfill causing a lot of harm to the environment.

A preliminary solution to this challenge had been offered during the year 2017 by the Recereum’s project team. Solution to this challenge was based on the idea of incentivizing consumers by awarding them with points that are tied to the cryptocurrency token. Following the logic of Recereum’s creators, consumers that diligently sorted out their house waste should be getting native tokens. Subsequently those tokens could be sold for fiat money at various crypto currency exchanges. Those efforts were thought would create an economic value as well as to foster a more conciencies attitude towards recycling.

Recereum project team made some preliminary analysis of the recycling and waste product management and came up with innovative solutions to address all of these issues. The results of this great efforts were conceptualized and summarized in the project’s Whitepaper (for further references, please refer to the Recerum's Whitepaper - https://recereum.com/files/WhitePaper-Recereum.pdf).

In spite of innovative and unprecedented approach based on the use of the digital currency token and blockchain technology as well our own CRM system, this approach was not duly appreciated and recognized despite its cutting edge approach since it was way ahead of its time. Neither conservative municipality system not investor’s community found value in this approach at that time.

Since then the team has been working hard to further improve the initial concept laid out in Recereum’s Whitepaper. We conducted a lot of additional market research of the waste and recycling market. Crypto currency and blockchain technology has developed tremendously during that period of time gaining more appeal and appreciation among the general public and potential investors. Combination of these factors created a more fertile grounds for launching of the Recereum Vol.2. This how W2V Recyclables’ Solutions came to life.

Our w2v Recyclable Solutions offers a unique and proprietary solution to the specific ecological issue created by accumulation of plastic bottles at the outdoor environment (streets, parks, rivers, lakes, and rivers).

Our current solution is based on the use of the proprietary blockchain system that uses w2v native token issues to serve the needs of our closed eco platform.

We envision that w2v token could play a vital role in changing the consumer’s attitude towards recycling and recyclables (plastic bottles, beverage cans, and e-waste) and also creating additional economic value for all parties involved in the recycling operation.

We are happy to acknowledge that we are not alone on the path of liberating our planet from the plastic and other recyclable materials that have not found its way into the recycling bin. Lots of like-minded young and ambitious teams are using the blockchain technology pioneered by Recerium have surfaced in 2019. Therefore, we suggest to dub this year as a year dedicated to the “fight with plastic plague”. We truly hope that this enthusiasm towards resolution of this overwhelming ecological problem will be shared by potential investors that will make their contribution into a cleaner natural environment for themselves, their kids, and grandkids, as well as for the whole of mankind - for many years to come.

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