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36 Shocking Facts on Recycling Globally & US

36 Shocking Facts on Recycling Globally & US

  1. 2/3 of all beverage containers in the United States never get recycled!
  2. Plastic bottles made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate) can be recycled into many products, including beverage bottles, plastic strapping, fleece jackets, sleeping bags, and carpets. Yet in 2002, less than a fifth of all plastic beverage bottles in the U.S. were recycled.
  3. Making 1 million tons of plastic bottles from virgin materials (petroleum and other fossil fuels) generates an estimated 732,000 tons of climate-altering greenhouse gases.
  4. People in the U.S. consume more packaged drinks per capita than in any other country—about 350 aluminum cans per person per year, compared to 103 in Sweden, 88 in the United Kingdom, and 14 in France. 
  5. Around 899 thousand tons of PET plastic bottles were recycled nationwide (US)  in 2013, but more than two times as much PET was wasted: 2 million tons.*
  6. “to overhaul the bottle bill, which historically has resulted in the recycling of more than 50 million beverage containers daily – 20% of the nationwide total – in the process saving enough energy each year to power the equivalent of 300,000 households.”

US/Canada Waste Market Review

This is to proof that there are several companies that are participating in plastic circling/recycling avoiding the “traditional approach” via using the waste management/landfills etc. 

US/Canada Waste Market Review
Chinese Sword

Chinese Sword

Do you know that every day you as a citizen of the United States or Canada are living in great danger? What danger, you might ask? Don’t we have so many dangers in our lives already? Is this somehow a new danger on top of pollution, hurricanes, and wildfires in California?

Well, it would be very difficult to provide you with the straight and simple answer to this question. Here is why. The danger that I am about to reveal to you has existed probably since the 60’s— but didn’t really start manifesting itself until the late 80’s, and has been since exacerbating the issue, year after year… well, not only that, but over the span of 10-15 years, it has acquired the speed of geometrical progression. Don’t mind me with this math term. If you want, I could put it very bluntly and say that things have gotten really out of hand or—more precisely— we’re f**ked. I think at this point it is time to stop the suspense and cut to the chase and reveal the subject of this article. I am talking about recycling and the recycling industry.

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